Professional Painting & Decorating Services in Sevenoaks

While painting & decorating is the most popular of all DIY projects, decorating your home should always be done by a true professional to archive a stunning finish. Avoid those DIY disasters. Errors can be difficult and expensive to correct.

If colour choose is something your unsure of we can help create a vibrant or tranquil space that maximises your area.

  • We cover all types of wallpaper hanging including fabric, vinyl, murals, embossed wallpaper and lining.
  • We deliver an outstanding painting and spraying service, weather interior, exterior, commercial or domestic.
  • We can create all kind of children or adult themed rooms and wall art.
  • We can provide a full range of traditional and contemporary painting effects including shabby chic & distressed finishes.
  • Super high gloss factory spraying is a modern technic we have also mastered.
painting interior wall bright yellow

Preparation is key

Different kinds of surface need different preparation techniques, and it is essential to get it right. Often preparation involves a considerable amount of work, and without the right tools it can be tedious and slow for a non-professional. Techniques include cleaning, repairing, stripping, sanding, filing, caulking, plastering, damp sealing, the use of the right cleaners and primers, and specialist treatments for different kinds of surface. We ensure that every surface is properly prepared before we even consider applying paint or any other finish. The difference this makes is outstanding.

painting & decorating

Attention to detail

Perfect straight lines along with an ultra flat application make a huge difference to the overall appearance of the work. We always pay absolute attention to detail and use the best available products and tools to ensure this standard is achieved throughout.

The majority of DIY painting and decorating jobs are marred by imperfections that always seem to stand out. The difference between that and a professionally executed job is massive.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship, and we have many satisfied clients in Sevenoaks, who will bear that out. All our work is guaranteed for 2 years.

If you are seeking a high quality painter and decorator in Sevenoaks who will always provide a top quality job at a competitive price, call Vince on 01732 462321 or 07508 599513